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Heads up!

Our normally scheduled Maker Meetup will be on hold for the holidays on November 23rd.

We’ll be back to our weekly Wednesday shenanigans starting December 2nd.

See you then!

For more information about this event please click here or view the posting on Calagator.



Feeling like making something festive? Try pumpkin pie playdough from 2 Big, 2 Little!


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Aipoly Puts Machine Vision In The Hands Of The Visually Impaired

Love assistive tech like this!

Aipoly Puts Machine Vision In The Hands Of The Visually Impaired.

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Decorative Flower Momentary Switch!

 Dia, SparkFun TechStyles Specialist, has put together a wonderful tutorial for beginners looking to add that extra bit of something to their wearables.

All you’ll need to get started is:

Why not use Dia’s guide as an inspiration for your Halloween costume this year? 

For example:

  • Pick a design, say a fuzzy monster
  • Add your strands of conductive fur
  • When conductive thread fur touches your monster’s conductive fabric figure, the LED turns on!

Whatever design you choose, I hope you have lots of fun learning to make the world a more fun, lighty uppy place!


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Project of the Day: Winter is Coming

It’s the perfect time to build a heat controlling unit!

This tutorial for an eTextile Summer Camp Workshop taught by Bram van Waardenberg and Mika Satomi is the perfect introduction building a heating circuit for your thermochromic project or Nitinol wire project.

You will explore:

  • which conductive materials can be used as a heat element
  • the important properties to look for in any conductive materials,
  • bought vs made materials
  • controlling the heating sequence with a microcontroller  using transistor or relay
  • the kind of real energy source do you need for heating, which batteries or power adapter
  • the kind of heating effect, expression, can be expected in this simple setup

A photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on FlickrA photo on Flickr


Happy crafting!



Happy crafting!



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Project of the Day: Star Wars Adafruit Flora Theremin LED Bra

Check out this awesome Flora Theremin LED Bra created by Caitlinsdad on Instructables!

“Don’t touch that dial.  No tweaking the knobs.  Just wave your hands in front of the two sensitive sensors embedded in this bespoke piece of wearable tech.

The garment has an embedded Adafruit Flora wearable microprocessor to generate R2-D2 theremin like sounds.

And it comes in Adafruit black.  Do not fear the dark side.”

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Project of the Day: Talking Sock Puppet

Sock gnomes run away with all of your left socks? Looking for something to do with the now lonely right socks?

Have a card with musical/sound chip?

How about combining the two!

the_gella shows you how in this easy to follow Instructable!



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Project of the Day: Animated Pixel Suspenders

Blinken-braces! Add color-changing LEDs to a pair of suspenders and hold your pants up in style– Click here and Becky Stern will show you how!

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