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Heads up!

Our normally scheduled Maker Meetup will be on hold for the holidays on November 23rd.

We’ll be back to our weekly Wednesday shenanigans starting December 2nd.

See you then!

For more information about this event please click here or view the posting on Calagator.



Feeling like making something festive? Try pumpkin pie playdough from 2 Big, 2 Little!


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Decorative Flower Momentary Switch!

 Dia, SparkFun TechStyles Specialist, has put together a wonderful tutorial for beginners looking to add that extra bit of something to their wearables.

All you’ll need to get started is:

Why not use Dia’s guide as an inspiration for your Halloween costume this year? 

For example:

  • Pick a design, say a fuzzy monster
  • Add your strands of conductive fur
  • When conductive thread fur touches your monster’s conductive fabric figure, the LED turns on!

Whatever design you choose, I hope you have lots of fun learning to make the world a more fun, lighty uppy place!


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So many things to see and do!

In keeping with the tradition of holiday lists, here’s one with  the short and links to the long of it:

  • Interested in status updates that are 140 characters or less? Are you on Twitter? Follow me, @BlinkyBot!
  • Wondering what the Squad for Good’s been up to? Check out the most recent post here!
  • Do you or does someone you know want to enter the world of soft circuits? Join me for the All Ornaments (should be) Illuminated all ages workshop on December 1st!
  • Then, check out the fun new offerings of the geeky and lighty uppy variety at PGC3’s Epic WINterformal on December 8th.
  • And, if you are looking for a good holiday time (and possibly last-minute gift for that someone special), join me on December 22nd for the 4th Saturday Soft Circuits Workshop at Lovecraft.


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Modular Fun is Here!

Want a light up cuff that lets you snap on and off different designs to suit your mood? How about a hair clip? You’re in luck! Both awesome options are now available.

Want to add a bit of extra bling to your mod? Check these out!
Blinky Pacman

RGB Happy Cloud

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Halloween Inspired Soft Circuits!

The ghoulish looking friends use a magnet to keep them connected. It also functions as a switch to light up the little guy!

The pressure sensor bat, seen here lit and unlit, was created for the Gettin’ Batty workshop at Lovecraft Bar on October 26, 2012.

Meanwhile, the cat holds the power for the bat! When the bat gives his kitty companion a hug, his eyes become all aglow.

Want to create plush fiends like these? Check out the monthly workshops at Lovecraft Bar from 3-6pm every fourth Saturday!

Can’t make it? Shoot me an email, and we’ll create a custom workshop for a day and time that works for you!


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