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Weekly Maker Meetup Update


The Weekly Maker Meetups have settled in nicely at Watershed PDX.  Make it here! Have some projects you’d like to work on, but could benefit from a creative atmosphere?

Unfamiliar with the Weekly Wednesday Maker Meetups? They’re a make it here event, where people of all ages, skill levels, and backgrounds are invited to work on projects and brainstorm ideas in a safe, supportive, creative atmosphere.

We will supply internet and a space to share ideas and collaborate with a community of fellow creators and makers of all stripes, techies and non-techies alike. We’ll share tips and tricks, and support your creative endeavors! We hope to provide an environment conducive to collaboration, project design, and creation.

The goal for the meetup is to support the local creative scene while providing an opportunity for you to build a network with people of varied skills and serve as an incubator for interesting collaborations of all kinds.

Who should attend? Everyone! From the completely curious, inexperienced beginner, hobbyists, formally educated/ trained professionals.

What sort of projects have people worked on? Sharing a passion and sampling of homebaked bread, tech that would enable the creation of a marauder’s map, origami, large scale art projects for SOAK, an introduction to hardware, pinball machine repair, and creepy doll modifications.

From sewing to electronics to art projects, whether your craft is handmade products, designs, or experiences, we hope you’ll join us! Our next meetup is Wednesday, March 2nd, 6:30-9pm at Watershed (5040 SE Milwaukie Ave).

Important things to note:

  • There will NOT be a meetup on 9 March 2016.
  • By attending this event you agree that neither Watershed nor myself is liable for any injury you may receive while working on your project and that you will follow the Code of Conduct and be awesome to each other.

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Sorry for the lack of “project of the day” posts! I’ve been busily prepping for this weekend’s awesomeness.

I hope that you’ll be able to join me at the First Annual Interactive Electronic Arts Festival, the Battery Powered Orchestra Workshop!

August 10th and 11th will be filled with workshops, performances, and culminating in a DIY public jam session.

BPOW!!! wants to show Portland that even the simplest circuit configurations can bring forth unprecedented levels of ROCK.

Where: Cymaspace, 4634 NE Garfield Ave

When: August 10th (11am – 10pm) and August 11th, (10am – 10pm)

Click the schedule below for the FB event  page!


If you get there but forgot to buy a ticket in advance, don’t worry! A little bird says that they’ll be available for purchase at the door!



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Pre-Playa Clothing Sale and Burner Bazaar!

Burner Bazaar July2013

Details from the FB event page:

Where: Sage Community (2522 SE 35th Ave).

When: 12 noon to 6pm

Prepare for the burn with:

– Playa-ready Clothing Sale, courtesy of the Black Rock Boutique
– Burnery Vendors (Glowies, Blinkies, Art, Costume, Fire Staffs, Poi, Podpoi, Hula Hoops, Stumptown Kilts, & More! Flamebuoyant Productions, Corvid Designwerks, Bridgetown Review and Cacophonous Creations, to name a few)
– BACON S’mores (just sayin) & fire pit
– Music and Dance space
– Silent Auction
– Chill Space
– Fire Performances by JPeace, Jill, and Shireen!

Donations will be accepted and proceeds will help get the Black Rock Boutique to the burn. We’ll also be accepting donations for the Portland Core Project, and SOAK Temple.

Come dressed in your Burnery-Best! As the term “Bazaar” has its roots in Persia, adding a Persian twist ‘twould be entirely appropriate. That or dress up like a marshmallow. You know, whatever.

Links to Vendor Sites:
Bridgetown Revue
Stumptown Kilts
Flamebuoyant Productions
Cacophonous Creations
Corvid Designwerks
Jeanine Comstock Art
Allie’s Diva Do’s
Sarah Taylor (Peaches Erratica)
And More!

Have a lighty uppy idea in mind? I’ll have extra supplies on hand for custom orders!

Come out and support your fellow dusty adventurers, and enjoy the summer outside in the yard!


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Vision Planning for the Community-Minded

Whether a website, open source project, discussion group, visual art, nonprofit startup, or any kind of work, if your focus is to benefit a community, join the vision planning community at Collective Agency! An intimate group of positive, supportive people from varying backgrounds provide a wonderful environment to help you grow and gain new perspectives.

If you don’t have a vision statement or want to revise the one you have then these workshops are for you. The main questions about your vision: What are your underlying motives? Why you’re doing this particular project? How do you want the community to be improved because of what you are doing?
These questions of vision are where groups like “Collective Agency” began!

Past coaches/consultants include: Russ Finkelstein (formerly Idealist Portland), Mark Grimes (NedSpace), Cheri Anderson (executive coach for Nike, startups, and small business owners), and myself.

It’s FREE and takes place every third Monday from 7 to 9pm.

In those 2 hours we do a meet-and-greet (go around and say what we’re working on and what we’d like to happen with it), have a brief overview, then invest most of the time in 30-minute one-on-one and group coaching sessions.

Interested in attending? Please RSVP. Plancast is best, so people can see you’re coming!
Questions? Email or send him a twitter message @alexlinsker with any questions.

For more information on Collective Agency, please visit their site:

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You Rock!

Without the willingness of community members in the larger Portland community showing nearly the level of excitement for these workshops as I experience hosting them, there is chance I would have walked away before ever trying. Were that the case, Captain Wonderful, Ismo, MovqsgBlfIm, Nurse Awesome, Rose, Shadow Man, Skipinated, Snoopy, Tone, Bullet Brain, Leo the Lopper-Venusman, Mack O’roni Donovan Loc, Ms. Brat, Way Show-er Descended, Master of Light , and Johnny Drifter may not be realized.
So, it is with a truly happy heart that I extend a special thanks to and for those who have encouraged, and at the very least tolerated, my inquires during the planning stages for the workshop in 2010.

Even our non-comic minded staff at the Macdonald Center, embrace the benefits of the Discovering Empowerment Through Creativity workshops. One of whom, submitted an article to the Oregonian! Also, a founding board member, Tom DeJardin, retired on July 27th, 2011, but he is excited to join us in September to lend his artistic talents drawing our beloved heroes. Most of our workshops have involved communicating through words, and I’m super excited to see how Tom will translate those words into pictures.

Since the first workshop in February, 2011, we have avoided the dreaded curse of building participant interest from despondence and reluctance. Even then, while I was hopeful, the participants commented they thought I was losing my marbles when I presented the idea they can indeed be super heroes and that I jumped further off the deep end when I presented their first mission. Luckily, the intrigue and presentation won them over. In the past five months, the Squad for Good continues our exciting path of self discovery through workshops, efforts to develop a mission statement, and starting August 4th we begin the Campaign of Kindness.

So, once again, I want to express my deepest gratitude for your ideas and encouragement. I look forward to continuing working with you, working with more of you in the future, and sharing more amazing stories with you as the workshops progress.

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Won’t you be my neighbor?

If you haven’t had a chance to hang out with your fellow geeks, nerds, and oddballs at OSBridge 2011, you’ve got ONE MORE CHANCE! Tomorrow is the final day to attend! Get ye to the Elliot Center for the fun-filled day of building, hacking, networking, and nom-ing.

Want to experience the feel of the hacker lounge on a regular basis? Check out Brain Silo! Portland’s fledgling hackerspace!

Needing a more structured, venture nurturing, downtown space? Head over to Souk!

Have opinions about how either of these places can provide a more inviting community building space? They want to hear from you! Adam is available Friday, June 24th, at OSBridge and is eager to hear what you need from a creative and professional workspace.

Cacophonous Creations wants to send a huge THANK YOU and award for Excellence in Community Development to Shannon Henry of Polymath Design Lab for demonstrating Upcycled Electronics during this weekend’s Maker Faire in Vancouver B.C.!

For community building of a more super variety, head over to the DETC site for mission updates and the touching insight of Shadow Man and Rose!

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