#OSB15 is Fin!*

Photo Credit: Sarah Giffrow, Upswept Creative

In early May, I received an email from Lauren requesting I teach an introduction to soldering workshop during the Open Source Bridge 2015 party. Within a week, Jonan took the reigns, helping gather the materials, tools, and communicating with the OSB volunteers.

I reached out to Eric at Low Voltage Labs, requesting the use of his flashlight kit design. It’s the perfect 15-20min project, which we were able to do inexpensively and with people completely new to soldering.

During the party, a couple hundred people filtered through activities ranging from lock picking to calligraphy. Approximately fifty of them are now proud owners of DIY flashlights, or in the words of one attendee “the nerdiest bus signaling system”!

Group shot


Special thanks to:

Eric, from Low Voltage Labs, for graciously allowing us to use his pcb design. The additional kits, stickers, and cards were also a huge hit!

Kelly and Tyler for your assistance answering questions from attendees and helping them assemble the kits.

Dan for braving the heat in rush hour traffic to retrieve the pcbs from our office.

OSBridge volunteers for making certain we had everything we needed, including help with set up and cleanup.


Photo credit: Sarah Giffrow, Upswept Creative


Shannon was our first workshop attendee!


Our super shipping manager, Kelly, was an awesome assistant

Our super shipping manager, Kelly, was an awesome assistant. Dan and Jenner  answer support tickets in the background.


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*This post was originially written for the OSH Park blog as a follow up to this post.


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