Conductive Paint!

Want to take your circuits beyond conductive fabric, wire, or conductive thread? There are various paints you can try!

Copper paint, CuPro-Cote from LessEMF, is highly conductive and great for painting circuits. According to LessEMF, it can be applied directly onto acrylic, ABS and structural foams, as well as solvent sensitive materials such as polycarbonate and polystyrene.

Carbon based paint isn’t as conductive as copper, so it’s best suited to painting sensors .

Awesome, but unreliable for soft circuits, you can try silver paint.

Do you like to screen print? DuPont offers conductive screen printing inks.

Instructable: Making a Touch Sensitive On/Off Circuit with Bare Paint and a 555 Timer IC

How about trying your hand at making your own conductive paints and glues?

The awesome folks at How To Get What You Want have compiled a list of resources for you!


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