Pre-Playa Clothing Sale and Burner Bazaar!

Burner Bazaar July2013

Details from the FB event page:

Where: Sage Community (2522 SE 35th Ave).

When: 12 noon to 6pm

Prepare for the burn with:

– Playa-ready Clothing Sale, courtesy of the Black Rock Boutique
– Burnery Vendors (Glowies, Blinkies, Art, Costume, Fire Staffs, Poi, Podpoi, Hula Hoops, Stumptown Kilts, & More! Flamebuoyant Productions, Corvid Designwerks, Bridgetown Review and Cacophonous Creations, to name a few)
– BACON S’mores (just sayin) & fire pit
– Music and Dance space
– Silent Auction
– Chill Space
– Fire Performances by JPeace, Jill, and Shireen!

Donations will be accepted and proceeds will help get the Black Rock Boutique to the burn. We’ll also be accepting donations for the Portland Core Project, and SOAK Temple.

Come dressed in your Burnery-Best! As the term “Bazaar” has its roots in Persia, adding a Persian twist ‘twould be entirely appropriate. That or dress up like a marshmallow. You know, whatever.

Links to Vendor Sites:
Bridgetown Revue
Stumptown Kilts
Flamebuoyant Productions
Cacophonous Creations
Corvid Designwerks
Jeanine Comstock Art
Allie’s Diva Do’s
Sarah Taylor (Peaches Erratica)
And More!

Have a lighty uppy idea in mind? I’ll have extra supplies on hand for custom orders!

Come out and support your fellow dusty adventurers, and enjoy the summer outside in the yard!



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