So many things to see and do!

In keeping with the tradition of holiday lists, here’s one with  the short and links to the long of it:

  • Interested in status updates that are 140 characters or less? Are you on Twitter? Follow me, @BlinkyBot!
  • Wondering what the Squad for Good’s been up to? Check out the most recent post here!
  • Do you or does someone you know want to enter the world of soft circuits? Join me for the All Ornaments (should be) Illuminated all ages workshop on December 1st!
  • Then, check out the fun new offerings of the geeky and lighty uppy variety at PGC3’s Epic WINterformal on December 8th.
  • And, if you are looking for a good holiday time (and possibly last-minute gift for that someone special), join me on December 22nd for the 4th Saturday Soft Circuits Workshop at Lovecraft.



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