Won’t you be my neighbor?

If you haven’t had a chance to hang out with your fellow geeks, nerds, and oddballs at OSBridge 2011, you’ve got ONE MORE CHANCE! Tomorrow is the final day to attend! Get ye to the Elliot Center for the fun-filled day of building, hacking, networking, and nom-ing.

Want to experience the feel of the hacker lounge on a regular basis? Check out Brain Silo! Portland’s fledgling hackerspace!

Needing a more structured, venture nurturing, downtown space? Head over to Souk!

Have opinions about how either of these places can provide a more inviting community building space? They want to hear from you! Adam is available Friday, June 24th, at OSBridge and is eager to hear what you need from a creative and professional workspace.

Cacophonous Creations wants to send a huge THANK YOU and award for Excellence in Community Development to Shannon Henry of Polymath Design Lab for demonstrating Upcycled Electronics during this weekend’s Maker Faire in Vancouver B.C.!

For community building of a more super variety, head over to the DETC site for mission updates and the touching insight of Shadow Man and Rose!


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