Quick and Dirty Update

The FYISH Workshop #3 is tomorrow and I’ve yet to catch up with the notes from #2. Oh, noes! Hopefully, I’ll catch up with that tonight. Tomorrow we’ll be cutting out images and words from magazines in order to better brain storm for more complete character development. 2 new heroes promise to be born, which will bring the grand total to 7!

The Main voltage on the Schemer for Myrrh’s sleeve project reads 1.17, but it should be 5 and a diode mysteriously removed itself from the Schemer without effecting any of the other components on the board. :( Luckily, Nwanua is awesome about returning e-mails enabling more supplies to arrive and the work to continue!

Started work using Aniomagic’s Sparkle and an old bike glove to create more visible night turn signals when biking. The lights will only do their little dance when a sensor is pressed to close the circuit.


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